Dog Training

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Willow Creek is constantly seeking ways to incorporate a more positive approach to training all breeds of dogs, utilizing both researched methods and innovative experimenting. We typically book out several months in advance, sometimes longer during peak training months.


Develop whoa, here, heel and kennel with positive reinforcement, collar conditioning, and many other methods.

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Exposure to high numbers of quality birds to develop bird sense quickly, and to establish range through positive reinforcement and collar condition.

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Live winged mallards are tossed into a small pond to develop prey drive and tracking in cattails and water. The dogs learn what a duck does in the water and how to find wounded game.

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Pricing for Training

  • $1500 per month (plus MN sales tax) [$1800 per month for the months of August and September]
  • $55 (plus tax) per day for training less than a month [$66 per day during August and September]
  • Prices are all inclusive (included food, boarding, birds, tick and heartworm preventative)
  • Consulting Sessions - $120/hour

Value for Training

What is the value of sending your dog to Willow Creek Kennels?

  • Expert level dog trainers who have experience training thousands of dogs over their career. Experienced with all hunting breeds.
  • Unparalleled exposure to birds on the property, birds are included in pricing. Intense land management that leads to increased number of birds. Bird species include Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Quail, Hungarian Partridge, Pigeons and Ducks.
  • A heavy focus on positive reinforcement creates a higher level of cooperation from your dog.
  • Many processes are highly efficient, allowing our trainers to advance dogs beyond what other trainers can accomplish in the same amount of time.
  • Biosecure, safe kennels for dogs when they are resting and not actively training. Staff on-site, caring for dogs every day of the week.
  • We take the time to transfer the training knowledge to you, so you understand how to handle and continue with training.
  • This is our full time focus, not a side job. We've spent decades improving training skills, managing the land and creating optimal environment to support your dog's training. 
  • Proven track record of thousands of dogs trained successfully. 


Linen Donations Appreciated!

We use a lot of towels and blankets for our puppies and crates. Instead of buying new linens we do our best to utilize and recycle old, worn, stained or unwanted items. If you happen to be cleaning out your closets and you have unwanted towels, blankets or sheets feel free to bring them to us. We don't mind stains or tears and the puppies don't either! Thanks for your consideration.

Waiver of Liability & Informed Consent Release

All customers will be required to review and consent to our waiver of liability and informed consent release prior to services being rendered. Thanks!