One month program for waterfowl - Recommended age is 8 - 10 months old
  • Clicker & collar conditioning to sit, here, heel and kennel
  • Whistle conditioning
  • Duck and gun introduction - Live winged mallards are tossed into a small pond to develop prey drive and tracking in cattails and water. The dogs learn what a duck does in the water and how to find wounded game
  • Steadiness from a blind, customized to your hunting/blind conditions
  • Marking singles and doubles
  • Cheating singles
  • Develop retrieving and hold
  • Extending this training beyond one month would allow for work on a conditioned retrieve, hand signals, blind retrieves, more experience, and increased steadiness

If you are looking for advanced training it is recommended to allow for at least 3 months of training. To maximize the training it is also wise to plan to spend time learning how to handle your dog. You can also prepare by watching our training videos.