Upon acquiring our GSP, Jake, we did considerable research on training kennels for upland bird dogs and settled on Willow Creek due to their positive reinforcement training methods. We sent Jake to Willow Creek at age eight months, he trained with Cade Richgels and became a new dog. We then sent Jake to Greystone Castle at age eighteen months, with Cade, and he returned to us having met all the goals we had established for his training. Both experiences were fantastic, the entire staff at Willow Creek are to be commended, a special thanks to Jordan for his administrative acumen and assistance. Cade, our trainer, is an expert in his craft, loves dogs, and has a way that encourages dogs to enjoy hunting. Our heartfelt thanks to Cade for his professional work. Willow Creek Kennels did an exemplary job with our Jakeā€”Our highest recommendation to anyone looking for dog needs and training.Thanks,Joe and Gayle Perkins and Jake, Nebraska
– Joe and Gayle Perkins
Submitted: March 28, 2017
Our WC GSP is now two years old..I used him a lot this fall here in Newfoundland Canada to hunt Ptarmigan (partridge) which we find on barrens and marshes ..Our "Diesel" is a tireless hunter and ranges just perfectly.. Unbelievable nose one of the best I've had and he is my 7th. On the open country he covers everything excels over every dog I've seen on the barrens One day in Oct I met two other hunters on the barrens they had English Setters while we talked their lay down Not Diesel he continued to scour the country.. One of the hunters said to me "His name is Diesel? not wrongly named ..like a Diesel he just never stops.. where did you get him? So thank you Willow Creek Kennels Diesel is also such great company as part of out family
– Jim Hearn
Submitted: February 2, 2018
I contacted Chad last August and told him I was looking for a GSP who was a good hunter, but also a good family dog. I asked about purchasing other dogs which I had seen on the website. Once I told him what I wanted in a dog, he recommended Sarge. I purchased Sarge in September 2019. I traveled to MN to pick up Sarge. Chad spent an extensive amount of time with me and my wife, ensuring that we knew Sarge's commands and routine. After our long road trip back to FL, he adjusted very well to his new environment. He caught on quickly to hunting in Palmetto bushes at our local preserve, which impressed our guides. He adapted to living in our home with two other dogs without issue. He was very respectful of our Senior dog. When we took him to our local veterinarian in FL, he stated that Sarge was healthy and was the best trained GSP which he had seen in his career. Sarge loves swimming in The Gulf of Mexico and leaps into the water when we take him to the beach for exercise. Chad and everyone else I ever dealt with at Willow Creek were great to work with and helped me through the process. Even months after purchasing Sarge, if I have a question, all I have to do is call. Our dog is everything which Chad promised to us in our numerous phone conversations before purchase. You can trust Chad to deliver what he promises to you.
– Jon Reecher
Submitted: August 2, 2020
Freyja is our 8 M.O GSP. She has some willow creek blood line. We brought her at the end of august and we picked her up the second weekend of October. The following week was her first big weekend. Friday she was kind of confused as to exactly what we were doing in the field. About 1/2 mile and it happened.. a nice Hen flushed in front of us and it clicked... she started ranging.. little further down the drainage ditch we were walking a rooster flushed and my father in law got it and she sprang into action retrieving it. On our way back we flushed a couple more and she really fell into her training. Pointing 2 roosters we walked right by. One we winged and it ran into the drainage ditch, hid so well there is absolutely no way we would have found it without her. Saturday we walked and walked and found nothing until just before closing hours we were given permission to try a field known to have pheasants. As soon as we got out of the truck birds flew out of heavy cover. Short walk we flushed one that I hit perfectly killed it in the air and it fell in heavy cover. We walked Freyja into the wind to catch its scent and she found it. She really did an amazing job and followed almost all commands including hand signals. Jordan and the team at willow creek kennels did an amazing job with her and I look forward to working with them more in the future. Thank you guys!
– Logan Heineman
Submitted: October 18, 2020
Chad and the rest of the Willow Creek team did an amazing job with our 6-7 month old Britanny, Tucker. I had experience training retrievers throughout my life, but have never had any experience with a pointing breed. Not only did Tucker find his prey drive (which was quite lacking), he came out with an amazing retrieve, a very reliable recall (as a 7 month old puppy!), a strong woah, and his pointing (which I was always impressed with) is phenomenal. All of this in one month!

Needless to say I will be bringing tucker back for a week or two each year and ever dog thereafter is coming to Willow Creek Kennals!

Thank you Chad and team, Tucker is one heck of a dog now!
– Mark Sonntag
Submitted: January 17, 2018
These guys and gals at Willow Creek really do a great job training the dogs. I previously had my GSP Remi at willow creek training in the fall of 2011 and 2012 they trained her well. she passed away 2 weeks ago. So I went to Willow Creek Kennels looking for a trained dog. I purchased Thunderheads Willow of Willow Creek she really knows whats shes doing. For anyone wanting to have their dog trained or looking for a trained GSP I would recommended meeting with Willow Creek Kennels. Thanks Blake, Chad, and Everyone else!!
– Todd Bulau
Thunderheads Willow
Submitted: January 17, 2018

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