Trained Dogs

1/7/19: We have some young started dogs available at various stages of training and various specialties. Sarge, Sunny, Willie, Ruger, Hazel, Raven and Blaze all hunted through the 2018 season and will be running on birds through the winter. Those young dogs are pretty solid at this point. All retrieve well, point and hold steady to wing and can be stopped to flush if any birds are not pointed. All of those dogs hunted wild birds (pheasants, ducks, grouse). They are all pretty nice pheasant dogs and would make a guide string and then some. Those experienced/trained dogs are priced at $6000.


Additionally, we have some younger pups that are in various stages of training. Pricing depends on where they are in their level of training and can range from $1500 - $6000. If you are interested in learning more about one of our trained dogs please contact us.