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Willow Creek is continually researching and developing training techniques.  Our Willow Creek dog training videos are a reference point for our customers to go back to when transitioning a dog from trainers to their owners.  They can look back at our mannerisms and body movements to guide them in their own movements with their dog.  These methods have been researched and used extensively within the kennel.  Many people start using these videos with their eight week old puppy, but older dogs will certainly benefit from the same practice.


Here is a simple list of various exercises you can use to train your dog. We also have more content on our Blog

Basic Puppy Obedience Exercises

Step 1:  Target Training Using Positive Reinforcement

Clicker Training With Your New Puppy

Step 2:  Collar Conditioning to Target

Vibrate Condition to Here

Step 3:  Teaching “Sit” with Positive Reinforcement

Step 4:  Collar Conditioning to “Sit”

Step 5:  Crate Training with Positive Reinforcement

Step 6:  Collar Conditioning to Kennel

Vibrate Condition to Place

Potty Training

Heel – Four Part Series

Tips for For Pointing Dogs

The Foundation of Positive Reinforcement Pigeons
“Whoa” Using Positive Reinforcement
Vibrate Condition to Whoa
Bumper on a String – Part 1 & 2
Bird Launcher Introduction
Transition From Bird Launcher to Bird Cones

Retrieving Drills

Bumper on a String – Part 1 & 2
Using a Moving Tether / Check Cord

Water Retrieves From a Blind
Trailing Memory (Ladder Drill) 
Reinforcing Retrieve and Hold
Retrieving on Land and Water
Puppy retrieving with kids

Hunt Test & Steadiness

Steadiness Drill with Pigeons
Steady to Release Training (3 part series)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a book on training using Willow Creek's methods?

    We have not written a book yet, but perhaps in the future. We like to share knowlege via our website, facebook and youtube.

Recommended Resources

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  • George Hickox
  • Delmar/Rick Smith (silent command)
  • Wild Rose Way - Mike Stewart
  • Shawn Dustin - hunt test for retrievers
  • North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
  • Cesar Milan for Pack Leadership
  • Youtube: e-collar Training with Garmin