Willie (Roxy x Drummer)


Parents: Roxy x Drummer
Pedigree: Download
Born: September 10, 2017
Gender: Male
Weight: 61 lbs
Height: 24"
Color / Markings: Liver & White
Images: Images
Video: Video
Additional Details:

Willie is a neutered male. He's a close to medium range dog depending on how you handle him. He has a solid nose with a lot of point and style. He is a dog that just points his birds. He is steady to wing, stops to flush with a whoa. He has a good natural retrieve in both land and in the water. 

He has been collar conditioned and knows whoa, here, heel and kennel. He has a good foundation on obedience and can heel off lead. During training, the dogs will heel to an ATV until released (with a little help). 


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