Willow Creek's Northwater Grouser MH


Parents: Willow Creek's Allie Girl MH x VC Northwaters Locomotion NA - 1, UT -1
Pedigree: Download
Born: June 27, 2017
Gender: Male
Weight: 55
Height: 23" at the withers
Color / Markings: Liver Roan / Patched & Ticked
Hips: OFA Excellent - GSP-19163E27M-NOPI
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Additional Details:

Grouser is one of the best grouse dogs we have had at Willow Creek. We had been pondering his name for some time until he went on run in mid-March, 2018 (8.5 months old). He had three finds on grouse within a span of 20 minutes. We were extremely happy with his natural ability to find and point grouse at a young age. We have been working to develop the Willow Creek grounds to hold more birds and wildlife and the management has been paying off. Grouser's ability to find and point one of the most challenging upland birds sealed the right to his name.

Grouser also has one of the sweetest dispositions. If you've ever had the chance to meet him, he would likely request a cuddle through a polite paw and a submissive, inviting gaze. 

Grouser's mother, Willow Creek's Allie Girl MH is owned by Mark & Linda Colden. She was Chad & Tracy's pick of the litter from Sky x Honker back in 2014. At that time we didn't need more black and white breeding females with little ticking so we let her go to Mark and Linda, knowing there would be potential to see her again. Allie finished her AKC Master Hunt test title by passing 6 out of 6 tests. She has a big nose, lots of point, a strong retrieve and back. Allie also handled birds well at a young age and she did so with lots of style. 

We are thankful to Howie Hill for the development of Northwater GSPs and for allowing us to breed to Tug.

  • 2022 - April 24 & 25 - Grouser wins first place in the Moose River Grouse Club cover dog trial. He ran Open Shooting Dog with 21 other dogs, handled by Jordan Pharris. (see below for more info on his run)
  • Spring 2022 - Grouser achieves his MH title 
  • April 28th, 2023 - AKC Open Walking Gun Dog - 3rd Place 
  • April 30th, 2023 - AKC Open Walking Gun Dog - 1st Place


Setting and Running a Bird Course for Hunt Tests 

Grouser - Master Hunter training


Breed Health Tests: 

  • OFA Eye Exam - NORMAL 10/23/2021 GSP-EYE1971/51M-VPI
  • OFA Eye Exam - NORMAL 09/24/2022 GSP-EYE1971/63M-VPI
  • OFA Thyroid - NORMAL - GSP-TH698/63M-VPI
  • Other Health Tests (OFA Registry)
  • Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy, Acral Mutilation Syndrome, AMS - CLEAR - GSP-AMS103/47M-PI
  • Day Blindness, Cone Degeneration, Achromatopsia - CLEAR - GSP-CD1798/47M-PI
  • Degenerative Myelopathy, DM - NORMAL - GSP-DM459/47M-PI
  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 8, NCL 8 - CLEAR - GSP-NCL45/47M-PI
  • Von Willebrand Disease Type II, Type II vWD - CLEAR - GSP-VW454/47M-PI


Willow Creek’s Northwater Grouser won first place in Open Shooting Dog at the Moose River Grouse Dog Club trial on April 25 & 26, 2022. He was handled by Jordan Pharris.

Not many GSPs run these trials, which are dominated by Setters and Pointers. Running grouse trials has been a pipe dream of Chad’s for awhile and after working many contacts over the last year, Grouser has really come together.  It was always a goal to have him run trials, but there was also a bit of skepticism about him being able to win. This was Grouser’s third trial and we hoped for a placement and a good run.

Just as Grouser and Jordan were getting ready to run, it started to downpour, but they went on. His racemate, Patty (a top points earner in the country) had a find first and Grouser honored, but Patty ended up breaking. Continuing on in the rain and thunderstorm, Grouser came up with 4 grouse finds! Each one was exciting and somewhat unexpected for the conditions, but he pulled out with four grouse finds and an honor. With 22 dogs entered in the event, Grouser came up with the win! In Jordan’s words, “It was epic! It was a run I’ll remember for the rest of my life. He is a special dog.”


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