Willow Creek’s B52 Bomber MH


Parents: INT’l CH VC Sharp Shooter’s Prairiednacer MH X River Valley’s Dixie Doo MH
Born: November 3, 2003
Gender: Male
Weight: 55 lbs
Hips: Excellent
Additional Details:

Bomber is everything we were looking for when we bred Dixie to Tango. He has natural ability, prey drive, water drive, retrieving desire, conformation, intelligence, cooperation, stamina, style, intensity, calm temperament, and the uncanny ability to find and point birds.

Bomber ran his junior test at 6 months of age with no training, and hunted and pointed his way to a junior title in just five runs. He was a joy to work with in his senior and master training, and finished his master hunter at 2 years of age.

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