Top Gun Charles of Willow Creek MH


Parents: Top Gun Secret Agent MH x Top Gun’s Higgins’ Little Princess DI MH
Born: April 9, 2006
Gender: Male
Weight: 62 lbs at 2 years of age lean
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
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Additional Details:

We bought Charlie as a pup from Steve and Jodie Ries of Top Gun Kennels. He is exactly what we expect from a Top Gun dog. Pointing and backing instinct are strong in Charlie.

Charlie’s father and mother were the Hunt Test Sire and Dam of the year (2010).  Top Gun Kennels has had a lot of AKC Hunt Test Sire and Dam of the year awards. Charlie showed this ability in his Hunt Testing and finished his MH early.

When running Charlie in a Master AKC Hunt Test, he backed his brace mate 100 yards out. Charlie remained steady for our brace mates shot and retrieved bird. Charlie was released and immediately backed again, 100 yards out, as his brace mate had went 20 yards to another find. Charlie is one of the best backing dogs we have.

Charlie has found and pointed birds well from the time he was 8 weeks old. Charlie was also very easy to steady up to release. He tended to watch his birds fly away early in his development if they were not being shot for him.

Charlie’s big nose and high degree of pointing instinct have helped him become one of our best ruffed grouse dogs. He is a close working, easy handling dog.

When researching studs for 2017 to bring new genetics into the kennel we found the ones we liked the most were not strong backers. Honker and Drummer back, but it is not as instinctive as what we see in the Charlie pups. We have decided to keep a Charlie x Kimber male and a Charlie x Diva male for our next stud dog. The Charlie x Kimber, Charlie x Adele and Charlie x Emma cross has produced some very nice dogs. We have kept several females from the Charlie x Kimber cross.

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