Willow Creek’s Sweet Sara


Parents: Willow Creek’s Run For Your Money “Penny” x VC Roughneck Walk the Line “Johnny”
Born: July 5, 2012
Gender: Female
Weight: 48 lbs
Height: 21" at the withers
Color / Markings: Liver & White / Patched & Ticked
Hips: Good
Images: Images
Additional Details:

Sara is cooperative and eager to please. She hunts hard and finds birds with a big nose. Sara’s retrieve was easily developed due to her very strong desire to retrieve. She is extremely affectionate and a very good companion.

When we bred Penny to Johnny we were looking for some power, bird finding ability and conformation, in addition to being a good family dog. He’s a strong water dog and a good backer. Johnny is a solid dog in the field, water and in the home and he has a lot of style.

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