River Valley’s Dixie Doo MH


Parents: RVK Ruby Doo MH x DC/AFC Sam Saint Max MH
Born: April 10, 2000
Gender: Female
Weight: 50 lbs
Color / Markings: White & Liver Patched and Ticked
Hips: Excellent
Additional Details:

Dixie was one of the most biddable and stylish shorthairs we have ever trained. She was one of those few   dogs that will comply with your wishes before you finish asking her. She would do everything she could to please anyone for a little affection in return. Dixie would call herself a “lap dog” if she could. She is great with kids and wonderful in the house.

She had a high degree of natural ability with a natural point, honor, and retrieve. This dog would not flush a bird and would point at great distances from them. She is definitely one of the most intelligent dogs we have ever worked with. She adapted to different cover, hunters and birds with ease. We used Dixie in many of our seminars. She brings the word “effortless” to the game. It was always difficult to run our up and coming dogs in the grouse woods with her because she wouldn’t let the others point anything first (although she does give the dogs great backing practice!). She was also an excellent water dog and a joy to have on a duck hunt.

Dixie’s high level of intelligence, cooperation and natural abilities make her the dog of a lifetime that we are proud to call one of our foundation animals.

Dixie passed away in 2013 with us by her side.

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