Breezy Point’s Shooting the Breeze MH


Parents: Princess Jasmine IX JH x Jamin Jager Man
Born: November 3, 2006
Gender: Female
Weight: 50 lbs
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Additional Details:

Breezy is a very biddable, cooperative, intelligent and stylish dog with a ton of bird sense, natural point, back and retrieve. She will take correction, but does not require it. She is the “British lab” of the shorthair world. Breezy is very easy to handle and achieved her master hunt test title in only 4 weekends. She will literally stand on point all day long. Breezy’s mental soundness allows her training to be taken to any level. Training her was fast and simple, she amazed us more than once with how quickly she caught on to things.

Breezy is a pleasure to hunt with. She is a naturally closer working dog and is comfortable between 50-100yards. She will range further if permitted and has no issues with being asked to come in closer. She is very stylish on point and hits most birds with her leg in the air. Breezy is a very affectionate and friendly dog that is great with children and well mannered in the house.

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