The Matching Process

Place a Deposit

A $200 deposit will save your spot in line for a puppy. We typically have a 3 - 6 month waiting list. 

Articulate Your Needs

Willow Creek is responsible for selecting your puppy with your input. Once a deposit has been placed we will contact you and collect information from you via electronic survey. Your answers will be used to match you to the right litter first and then the right pup in that litter.

Wait for it

We aim for most of our pups to be born in the spring or summer. Once puppies are born we review our deposit list and start contacting potential matches starting with the earliest deposits. The more specific your requests (i.e. parents, color, etc.) the longer it may take to find the best match.

While waiting we recommend reviewing information in our Learning Center so you can start developing your hunting partner right away.
Confirmation to a litter

We email you about getting placed on a specific litter. This process is like a big puzzle, with ever-changing pieces so your patience is appreciated. We select compatibility to a litter by looking at your requests and match them to the right parents. Finalization of specific puppy choices are not made until later (~6-8 weeks, or on pick up day).

Updates about the litter

We strive to offer picture updates on several occasions and a video of the litter around 6-7 weeks of age.

Pick Up Day

We typically schedule a litter for “Pick Up Day” the Saturday (usually at 10am) after they turn 8 weeks of age. Individual puppy selections are made in the order of deposit placed. We answer questions, provide training knowledge and transition the pup to your care. Your remaining balance is due in full.