Roxy x Grouser 2019

Parents: Willow Creek's Northwater Grouser x Willow Creek's Roxy
Pedigree: Download
Born: March 15, 2019
Ready to Go: May 11, 2019
Color / Markings: Liver Roan / Patched & Ticked / Black Roan / Patched & Ticked
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This is the first litter between Roxy and Grouser. Roxy has previously been bred to Drummer with some excellent results. Roxy, as well as her pups, are absolute lovers. They yearn for praise and attention, perfect for someone looking for a little extra oxytocin to help boost their mood! :) Roxy pups are happiest when they are close to you and working as a team. Hunting range is perfect for a foot hunter (~50-60 yards, depending on how the pups are developed)

These pups should be animated and happy. Previous pups have been very solid, muscular and strong with higher drive. Grouser is quite a bit smaller than Drummer, so these pups should still be strong, but not as large as Roxy's previous litters. Previous pups have been versatile, even great for skjoring! Grouser has been throwing his easy going demeanor with lots of natural ability. 

Roxy has a nice, big head for a female, perfect for carrying big birds. These pups would be good for family hunting companions and versatile hunters. 

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