Mya x Drake 2020

Parents: Willow Creek's Drake Man x Willow Creek's Mya
Pedigree: Download
Color / Markings: Liver & White / Patched & Ticked
Additional Details:

Mya is a Kimber x Charlie daughter, one of our favorite pairings. Mya is very similar to her older sibling, Jill. She's liver roan and a little larger, close to 50-52 lbs. She's very athletic, has nice drive and a big nose. She's extremely affectionate and is a natural mother to her first litter. 

Drake is also on the larger size, close to 75 lbs. His relaxed disposition when not hunting is a very nice complement to our breeding program. 

Their first litter produced some talented dogs. They are big, strong, versatile, intelligent and great companions. 

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