Mandy x Hawk 1/28/2020

Parents: Beaver Valley's Prairie Hawk MH x Willow Creek's Sugar Candy
Pedigree: Download
Born: January 28, 2020
Ready to Go: March 28, 2020
Color / Markings: Solid Liver / Liver & White
Images: Images
Additional Details:

We are excited for the Mandy x Hawk litter. We periodically take females to outside males and after hours of research we settled on Beaver Valley's Prairie Hawk. 

This litter has 3 males (1 solid / 2 liver & white) and 8 females (4 solid liver / 4 liver & white). 

Hawk earned his AKC Master Hunt Title and his hips are certified OFA Excellent. Most important, Hawk is a proven wild bird dog on multiple species throughout the Midwest.  He has sound confirmation, tremendous style & drive, natural back & retrieve. Hawk has an excellent nose along with the brains and savvy necessary to know how to use and apply it make him.  He has all of the ability wrapped into a dog with a sound temperament.

Mandy is a product of our Kimber x Charlie breeding, one of our best crosses. Mandy inherited a good deal of her parents desirable traits. She has a big nose with a lot of point and shows a lot of desire for retrieving. When she finds her birds she hits them hard with intensity and style. Mandy is also very good at backing. Both Kimber and Charlie point way off their birds and we see this in Mandy and other Kimber x Charlie offspring.

Mandy is a very good wild bird dog from a young age. She handled a lot of wild birds around a year old and was guiding hunts as a young dog. She did well with a lot of points and backed naturally. She didn’t cause any problems on a hunt as a young dog, handling easily. She has shown a good deal of bird sense and she has done really well on grouse.

Part of what makes this cross so good is that they are so friendly, affectionate and willing to please. When we stop to pet Mandy she likes to crawl into you. It seems like one of the best things in her life is to be tucked up close getting some attention. This makes it easy to work with her in the field as she is ready and eager to please.




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