Mandy x Grouser 2019

Parents: Willow Creek's Northwater Grouser x Willow Creek's Sugar Candy 'Mandy'
Pedigree: Download
Born: March 9, 2019
Ready to Go: May 4, 2019
Color / Markings: Solid liver / liver roan / liver & white, patched & ticked
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Additional Details:

This is a repeat breeding between Mandy x Grouser. As with many of our litters, we have the chance to train the pups and can evaluate if we are moving in a positive direction with our breeding program. We an safely say that this cross builds on our pursuit of an easy to handle dog with natural abilities. What we see with Mandy x Grouser pups is that they have big noses and a lot of natural steadiness. They are easy to handle, really biddable and stylish on point. When comparing this litter to our Poppy x Grouser litter, we see a little more business out of these pups. These pups will dig a little more in cover. 


This litter would match well with anyone looking for a family hunting companion. Perfect for grouse or upland as well as waterfowl. 

Mandy is solid liver while Grouser is liver roan. With this cross, the probability of solid liver pups is 50%. Grouser has a denser coat with longer than average hair, so his pups pair well with folks in colder climates/tough cover looking for some added protection. 


Email us if this sounds like a perfect fit for your next pup! We may have spots for females still available.

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