Lottie x Honker 2019

Parents: Willow Creek's Honker Man MH x Willow Creek's Charlotte 'Lottie'
Pedigree: Download
Born: May 9, 2019
Ready to Go: July 6, 2020
Color / Markings: Potential for solid liver / solid black / liver & white / liver roan / black & white / black roan
Images: Images
Additional Details:

This will be Lottie's first breeding and we chose Honker as sire to produce a very versatile litter. We expect this litter to have a lot of scenting ability, point and backing sense. They should have a good amount of retrieve. 

Lottie is very social and gets along well with other dogs. She's very friendly, and super affectionate.

Honker is very versatile and our top water dog. He has a lot of drive and search and he's an excellent retriever. He and his pups are eager and easy to train and have great work ethic. 

This litter has the potential to produce a variety of colors since Lottie is solid liver and Honker is black and white with ticking. 


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