Emmy x TGK Hank

"Emmy x Hank"

Parents: Willow Creek's Emerald Sky 'Emmy' x TGK Top Gun Impressive Sir Henry 'Hank'
Born: December 23, 2021
Color / Markings: Black / Liver
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Additional Details:

We took Willow Creek's Emmy to TGK Top Gun Impressive Sir Henry 'Hank.' We are very excited for this litter to be born around Christmas 2021. A handful of pups will be reserved for future breeding purposes and the rest will be placed with folks already on our deposit list. 

Emmy is a great example of what we are producing. Her parents are Willow Creek's Honker Man MH and Willow Creek's Daycare Courtney. She is the next female we wanted to take to an outside male to ensure our genetic diversity, while still carrying on her traits.

Emmy has sound ability, conformation and temperament. She has a big nose, plenty of point and a strong desire to search. She handles easily and finds birds. She is a good backer as well as a good water dog. Her calm disposition and desire for affection makes her very well rounded. 

Per Top Gun's Website: https://topgungsps.com/hank-german-shorthair/

"Hank comes from a complete outcross frozen semen mating from the German Shorthaired Pointer’s most proven sire “Hall of Fame” DC AFC Shill Rest’s Impressive CDX HM on our Higgins/Henry female (Top Gun Jess) was an excellent choice. Hank is very natural, super easy to train and very willing to please making him a perfect foot handling gun dog. His abilities to find birds, ease of handling, tracking both running and down birds with a natural retrieve to hand. He comes in a 64 lb. very athletic and eye appealing package with nice style on his birds. Hank is accused of being our all-time favorite hunting companion."

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