Emmy x Grouser 2020

Born: April 14, 2020
Color / Markings: Black & White / Possibly Liver & White
Additional Details:

Emmy is a great example of what we are producing. Her parents are Willow Creek's Honker Man MH and Willow Creek's Daycare Courtney. She will likely be the next female we take to an outside male to ensure our genetic diversity while still carrying on her traits.

Emmy has sound ability, conformation and temperament. She has a big nose, plenty of point and a strong desire to search. She handles easily and finds birds. She is a good backer as well as a good water dog. Her calm disposition and desire for affection makes her very well rounded. 

Drake is a very nice, young male that we are excited to use as a stud to complement our females. Although he is a big dog, Drake has one of the most easy going dispositions. He seems to get along with everyone, both dogs and people. We often have him hanging out in the main kennel building, where he relaxes and doesn't make a peep. Drake does really well in the field finding birds. He has a big nose and some great style. A nice addition to the breeding roster. 

This litter should be versatile and would be good as family hunting companions. 

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