Current & Planned Litters

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Puppy News as of 2/23/2024: 

We are looking forward to our spring 2024 litters! We expect a litter from Gilly x Bob around mid-March. We *may* have a litter from Molly x Grouser mid-April. We are also working on breedings with Ada x Flash and Berry x Grouser. We will have other opportunities for pairings as more females come into heat. 

We currently have one pup, a male named Ricky, from our Raya x Grouser litter (born 9/29/23). 

 Here's a link to a photo album of all of the available pups.

A deposit saves your spot in line. Next options may be late winter/early spring. New pairings/litters will be posted when they happen. 

We feel like selecting the right breeder for you and your family is very important. New deposits may be fulfilled within four months or it could be over a year, depending on your needs. Timing will depend on what you are looking for because we match folks to the right litter, priority is given by date of deposit.

Our puppies are guaranteed for 24 months for hips, eyes and cardiac health. At 8 weeks of age males and females are $2,700 plus tax. A $200 deposit will hold your spot in line for a pup and the deposit goes toward the purchase price. Puppy price at the time of deposit is good for up to one year, or until the first matching puppy is available, whichever is greater. All puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration (this limits breedings rights/registration of offspring).

**All pups must be picked up at our kennel. 

**If you have placed a deposit and are unresponsive to communications, your deposit is moved to our Inactive List. You can reach out to us via email to re-activate.

2024 Potential Pairings - Pairings will be posted as we determine the best match and these pairings are subject to change. 

Dam Sire Expected Due Date
Gilly Bob mid-March 2024
Jane Grouser mid/late March 2024


Grouser mid-April 2024
Rose Grouser  
Nettle Grouser  
Raya Grouser  
Ruby Bob  
Luna Grouser  


Puppy Deposit


This non-refundable deposit is for a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy (with Limited AKC Registration). Puppies are currently priced at $2700 for males and females (plus tax) and the deposit goes towards the purchase price. The purchase price listed at the time of deposit is good for up to one year, or until the first matching puppy is available, whichever is greater (this excludes a customer designated timeframe to accept a puppy beyond one year in advance). Willow Creek places puppies by order of deposit date and by matching litters / characteristics to your requirements. Once a deposit is placed we will contact you and collect more information on your desired attributes in puppy.

More about our breeding program

We are a licensed breeder in the state of Minnesota and we are inspected annually by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. License #745942.  We are also inspected about every two years by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Minnesota requires that we:

  • Keep adequate records (for sales, inventory and animal wellness)
  • Follow veterinarian protocols
  • Provide a veterinarian health certificate for each animal sold
  • Follow applicable rules and regulations in the event of health conditions that were present at the time of purchase.

Additional things we do to add value to our breeding program:

Evaluation of Breeding Animals

  • Extensive evaluation of natural ability and bird finding based on decades of expereience guiding, training and testing dogs
  • Selection of dispositions suited for home companionship
  • Tracking of health conditions that may arise in order to inform breeding choices
  • Sound conformation and physical structure
  • Only the dogs that have proven capability are included in breeding program

Health and wellness

  • Behavior and socialization activities for enrichment (field training & hunting, conditioning, human-animal and animal-animal interaction)
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Screening of entire breeding pack for brucellosis (two negative results per animal). Brucellosis is a bacteria affecting reproductive systems.
  • Annual comprehensive wellness exams by veterinarian, including on-site assessment
  • Adherence to veterinarian recommended vaccinations and health screenings

Facility Management

  • Comprehensive biosecurity plan
  • Emergency response plan

Continuing Education

  • Ongoing education for breeders and staff

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Linen Donations Appreciated!

We use a lot of towels and blankets for our puppies and crates. Instead of buying new linens we do our best to utilize and recycle old, worn, stained or unwanted items. If you happen to be cleaning out your closets and you have unwanted towels, blankets or sheets feel free to bring them to us. We don't mind stains or tears and the puppies don't either! Thanks for your consideration.