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An introduction to being steady in a dog blind and sending the dog for retrievers in the water.
This video shows you how to work on retrieving by using a trailing memory, or a ladder drill.
This video explains how you can reinforce a retrieve to hand without the dog dropping the dummy, or bird.
Retrieving on Land and Water
January 16, 2013
Chad and Honker work on retrieving on land and water.
Watch Honker work on his steadiness in the pigeon coup and recall pen.
Retrieving Games with Kids
August 27, 2012
Watch a 4 year old play retrieving games with a 9 week old puppy.
It’s easier to methodically condition a dog to gunfire than to cure a case of gun shyness. But if you have patience, there is hope for the gun-shy dog.
Making Gun Part of the Fun
January 17, 2010
Tips for preventing gun shyness in the hunting dog before it can become a problem.
Here are the training cues we typically use during training.
The "whoa" cue is considered essential to the training of a pointing dog. Learn about the steps in the process of training "whoa."