Willow Creek's Beagle Bailey


Parents: FC Glacier Ridge Renegade
Born: March 28, 2013
Gender: Female
Height: 16"
Color / Markings: Black, Tan & White
Additional Details:

Bailey is one of the best beagles Chad has had in his life. She produced the best beagle that Chad has had (Bonnie). Bailey is very fast in the open or on a hare, but she can throttle down on a cottontail in heavy cover. She is strong and she really digs. We used to call her "ghost dog" when we didn't have a tracking collar because you might not see her for 2 hours while she searches. Chad purchased Bailey from Joe Kuklenski when she was a young pup. 

Bailey can get a little fat when she is on her venison diet. Even so, she can run a rabbit all day. On a few occasions she has found a way out of her enclosure and spent full days running on the property. In one instance she stumbled home the next morning with her daughter, Bonnie. Bailey's eyes were sealed shut from running through the cover and she was leading Bonnie (also had an eye sealed shut) back to the house. 

Her first litter produced some very nice pups. She is an excellent mom to her pups and she takes great care of them. Bailey is very sweet and affectionate and we are happy to have her as part of our beagle pack. 

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