Lisa (our dog) and I live in Florida, a bit too far to enroll Lisa in your training programs in MN. I am writing to tell you how important your training videos have been to Lisa and I in our “at home” training. We have used all of your videos as our foundation for our work thus far. Lisa has responded very well to each of your programs, especially your series on the “Whoa” command.

You have not received any compensation for this work on your part that I know of, so the very least that Lisa and I can do is give you the credit and praise you so deserve for your generosity in making your videos available.

– Robert Grooms
Submitted: July 17, 2012
I was invited to go pheasant hunting for the first time a while back and enjoyed watching and interacting with a fellow hunter’s GSP enough that I had to have one. My requirements were to have a calm dog that would “hang out” with us in the house without going bonkers all the time in a small size around 50 LBS. Oh, and of course a dog that would hunt but that’s a given since Willow Creek is in the business of breeding hunting dogs. I received exactly what I asked for in my now 9 month old GSP, Iver. What I enjoy the most is, his huge personality and ability to adapt to a wide variety of situations, fit right in, and steal everyone’s heart. Iver makes such an impact on others that everyone remembers, knows, and loves him everywhere he goes. He interacts with adults, my kids, all their friends, and his doggie daycare once a week. I take him to a Senior Living apartment complex where he is amazing and amazingly loved by the elderly. Iver is also quite beautiful with a big boxy head and fur mostly liver with white patches/ticking. I like that his tail isn’t cropped as short as other GSP’s I see and that he actually has an eight inch tail to point with and show off. I didn’t think of that when getting Iver but it’s important to me now and something I would ask for in my next GSP.

A typical day for Iver is a 4 mile hunting/walk from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM where he frequently finds pheasant. He then hangs out with me sleeping most of the day while I work until 5:00. We then goof off playing ball or Frisbee in the early evening followed by relaxing to whatever we may be doing. He will also happily run alongside me while I ride my bike and loves to participate in any goofy game you can think of. He often initiates goofy games himself. He likes to horse around. Recently, I left Iver with Chad for a month of training. I couldn’t’ take it anymore and picked him up a few days early. I wanted to make sure Iver was exposed to lots of birds and formal obedience from a kind trainer before hunting season, and since I was committed to that, I also saved collar condition and introduction to gun fire for Chad as well. Iver came home with as much of an improved HERE, WHOA, and does great with his electronic collar and gun fire. I also feel confident that I can take him out with our hunting group and control him. This October 2011, will be Iver’s first South Dakota hunting trip so we’ll see how he does.
I guess my whole point in getting a dog from Willow Creek Kennels was that I could see from the website training videos what kind of dogs they produced and their kind natural way of training them. I would do it again and I think I will sometime in the near future.
– Howard Hilde
Submitted: July 17, 2012
Dex gets comments from folks everywhere we go! At the dog park, or in the field – everyone asks about him. Other breeders approach me and compliment his body, shape of his head, and even the perfect length of his tail. He’s a great looking dog and he hunts non-stop. Couldn’t be more pleased with Willow Creek. Thanks again.
– Matthew Belt
Submitted: July 17, 2012
Willow Creek,
I meant to call and say thanks for a great job! This past duck hunting season was the best I have had, and not due to the quantity of ducks and certainly not due to my shooting skills! It was due to a dog that did what he was told, stayed in his kennel/blind (all but two times) and not a bit of whining/whimpering. What a new and great experience for me.
Thanks again
– Jason Wenning
Submitted: July 17, 2012

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