Piper, my 6 month old beautiful Black & White female pup. What a hunter! My first hunt with her at 4 months old was awesome. She found and retrieved 4 birds. I just took her hunting at 6 months and what a great day. She pointed 8 birds and retrieved every bird I shot without giving her any commands. Seeing her lock on a bird for the first time was amazing. She is the offspring of Honker & Lucy. What a combination. Keep up the good work Willow Creek!!!!
– Steve Quaizza
Piper (Honker x Lucy)
Submitted: January 26, 2015
Willow Creek was phenomenal with my 10 month old GSP Piper. We have now had her home for about 1 1/2 months and she is doing so well. We dropped off a puppy that wanted nothing to do with retrieving and picked up a retrieving machine, this part of the training amazes me. The overall care that Piper received was TOP of the line. I also enjoy the fact that Chad and staff are so willing to answer questions. This was truly a great experience and I would highly recommend Willow Creek to anyone looking for a great training experience. Thank you so much!!
– Aaron Clusiau
Submitted: August 10, 2014
I am sending this as a quick thank you and praise filled review for Chad and everyone at Willow Creek. Otis (Adele and Charlie) came to use the day after Christmas. He instantly became a part of the family. He is smart, quick to pick up on commands and not scared to adventure. Otis got introduced to gun fire during a skeet shoot at about 4 months and responded extremely well. I have no doubt that in a hunting scenario he will perform exceptionally well. We truly love him and can’t thank Chad and team enough for sending Otis to Alabama for us.
– William Parkhurst
Otis (Adele and Charlie)
Submitted: March 30, 2015
We can’t thank Chad, his wife and the staff at Willow Creek Kennels enough. We picked up our pup and a 3 hour drive home and he never whined, whimpered or barked. He adjusted so well to our home. He is a beautiful pup and we keep hearing from so many people how calm he is. Chad does his research and it shows. I was leaning for a pup from a different litter and Chad recommended a pup from his first choice for us. He said a pup from this litter would be a better fit for us and how right he was. Our pup picks up on training quickly. He has bonded to all our family members especially our daughter. Chief loves her. Can’t wait to get our pup in the field. People keep asking us were did we get such a calm and beautiful pup. Willow Creek has it going.Thanks again to everyone at Willow Creek Kennels
– Bill & Leah Klein
Chief (Kimber/Charlie)
Submitted: April 13, 2015
I brought a one and a half year old, dysfunctional hunting dog for a three week training session and left with a steady dog I am no longer afraid to hunt waterfowl in fields with. The work done by Chad and his guys was absolutely phenomenal. I could not have expected anything more. I look forward to bringing her back in the spring for some more work that needs to be done. Excellent job to everyone involved with training Lindy, and I sincerely thank you!!!
– Ryan Johnson
Submitted: March 1, 2014
I just wanted to thank you again for all the assistance in picking out our puppy Lena! She is just amazing! I can already tell that she is extremely smart and learns the drills in your videos very quickly. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with your breeding program and the temperament of the pups that you produce. I can really tell how very passionate everyone at Willow Creek is about the breeding, training and hunting programs. It’s easy to see why you are so successful. I can’t wait to get Lena in for some hunting training in September.
Thanks again!
– Eric & Lindsey Gangelhoff
Lena (Courtney / Drummer)
Submitted: March 16, 2015

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